Snorkeling in Menjangan Island

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Snorkeling in Menjangan Island

Do you want to enjoy another trip destination in Aling Aling waterfall? You can select a different destination. It is Menjangan Island. Though Aling Aling Waterfall looks fun and appealing, Menjangan Island is as fun as that waterfall. This is a fairly interesting tourism spot in Bali. There are some reasons making this tourism spot recommended for tourists

snorkeling-in-menjangan-island-sambangan-trekkingBeing a Snorkeling Spot in Bali

Menjangan Island is a must place to visit for tourists. In addition to have beautiful panorama, this becomes 10 best snorkeling spots in the world. It has some beautiful diving spots in Bali. This is located in West Bali National Park in the border of Jembrana and Buleleng, 15 kilometer from Gilimanuk Harbor. This belongs to Sambangan trekking tour and travel. If you want to direct to the snorkeling spot in Menjangan Island, you should come to Banyuwedang first located in the next to Mimpi Restort.  There are few people knowing that this is a snorkeling destination. Most of the tourists getting familiar to this island are tourists loving diving activities.

Most of the people surely love snorkeling. It is a water sport that can be enjoyed in the sea. The snorkeling is conducted by diving in the depth of sea. But, it doesn’t reach the bottom area of the sea. You can do that amazing activity in Menjangan Island. You can even try both snorkeling and diving in this island. The diving and snorkeling sports will never make you disappointed. You can see coral reefs, fishes, and fantastic undersea water scenery. Bali snorkeling in this island provides memorable and unforgettable experience. You will get addicted to come to this island again. The snorkeling experience can be conducted with family, friends, or relatives.

Easily Reached


Menjangan Island is an island being a habitat of wild deer. In this island, it is very popular for the best wall diving in Bali. It has many snorkeling sports to try. To be the best snorkeling in Bali, you should hesitate to the beauty of this island. The accommodation to go to this island is not expensive. You can benefit the included accommodation from tour and travel package if you want to explore the snorkeling spots. To reach there, it can use boats to the Banyuwedang. The trip requires time for 30 to 40 minutes to go to Menjangan Island.

If you get interested in having tour and travel in Menjangan Island, it is better to select a tour package depending to make an itinerary plan. The tour package has included a clear and detailed trip and its itineraries. You just follow step by step of the schedule. The trip is usually conducted for one day only. Though it is short, it is fun and unforgettable. All costs needed have been handled by the tour package including accommodation, entrance tickets, and consumption matter. It also involves snorkeling facility to try. The duration estimation of snorkeling is usually about 2 to 3 hours per package. It is not long but it is so fun.