Sambangan Short Trekking

The package of Bali Sambangan Trekking offers a chance for you to find four amazing waterfalls in the paradise of the village Sambangan Secret Garden. Walking through the rice fields with the warm sunrise will become the beginning of the trekking in the nature. You will see the local people who work in their rice fields. It will become an interesting view because they still use traditional methods to work in their lands.


By passing some stairways about 10 minutes, you will hear the waterfall sounds that are increasingly clear as you are nearer to the spot. The first waterfall to find is Aling- Aling Waterfall with 32 meters of height. You can feel the sacral and silence as you enter the area of waterfall. However, you are not allowed to swim in the river because it has powerful streams. Besides, the local people also want to keep the sacral of the waterfall so that no one allowed to swim in this area. Click Here to know more about the Aling Aling Waterfall story.

After enjoying the beauty of Aling Aling Waterfall, you will continue walking through the river in about 5 minutes so that you can find the place to get back the adventurous spirit in yourself. In this area, you will find three different waterfalls that become 1 area; they are the Kroya waterfall that is commonly used for waterfall water slide from 12 meters of height,


the Kembar Waterfall where you can experience waterfall cliff jumping from 10 meters of height, and Pucuk Waterfall where you also can jump from the height of 16 meters.

Aling-aling-waterfall-sambangan-1Besides the amazing waterfalls, you also will enjoy the beautiful panorama during the adventurous trekking. The natural beauty and the sport attractions like jumping and sliding will give interesting experiences that won’t be forgotten in the whole life. The short trekking will only take 1-2 hours, whilst for those who have bigger adventurous spirit and stamina, you also can try the long trekking in about 5-6 hours of duration.

As long as the journey, you will enjoy the unique village scenery and beautiful views; something that can’t be found in your country. The rice fields and the traditional back to nature farming methods will also become interesting features during the trekking. You also can see Sambangan forest that becomes an important nature balance in for the village. Besides keeping water supply, the forest also becomes plantations of clove, cocoa, palm sugar, etc.      

The three waterfalls are believed as the most effective treatment to forget all kinds of problems, because you will not only clean your body but also your soul. So you will feel the new you is reborn by the nature. Besides, you will also get much more than what you pay for the trekking. Make sure you choose the right local guides that will give the best guidance as well as safety guarantee for you during the short trekking. Therefore, don’t take too much time to decide, come join us to get adventure in the amazing waterfall in Bali.            

Note : All of our Local guide very familiar with the Bali Culture, Local History, Friendly, and they has a strong habit of responsibility they we will guarantee your safety.


  • 07.00-07.30  : Pick up at your hotel, depend on where are you stay in Bali, and transport directly to the starting point in Sambangan Village
  • 09.00 am      : Arrival at starting point, and make payments in the office of Bali trekking Sambangan
  • 09.15 am      : Begin trail trek to Aling-Aling Waterfall, Kroya Waterfall, Kembar Waterfall,Pucuk Waterfall
  • 09.45 am      : Arrived at the  waterfall for watersport ( Sliding & Jumping ) , Where there are three waterfalls nearby such us Kroya Waterfall, Kembar Waterfall and Pucuk Waterfall
  • 11.00 am      : Arrive at finish point and you will get a fresh young coconut with a view of green cliffs above the waterfall


  • Long/Short pants and sport shoes
  • A change of clothes for use after trekking activities
  • Sun screen
  • Waterproof Camera



USD$16 /Person with minimum 2 persons

Package Including

Package Including

  • Private Professional Guide
  • Entrance fee
  • Trek Equipment for Swimming, Jumping, & Sliding
  • Mineral water
  • Refreshment of Coconut Water
  • Insurance
  • Donation for green environment in Sambangan Village



1,5 – 2 Hours

Note :Transport is not included with above price, and below is the list for Pick Up service with private car

Location & Charge

Nusa Dua - Pick up at 6.00 am ( 3 hours Drive )

USD$50 /Car ( Up to 5 Persons) – Return

Kuta & Seminyak - Pick up at 6.00 am (2.5 hours Drive)

USD$ 48/Car ( Up to 5 Persons) – Return

Ubud - Pick up at 6.30 am ( 2 Hours Drive)

USD$ 46 /Car ( Up to 5 Persons) – Return

Lovina - Pick up at 7.30 am (20 minutes Drive)

USD$ 19/Car ( Up to 5 Persons) – Return

Sanur/Denpasar - Pick up at 6.00 am (2.5 hours Drive)

USD$ 46/Car ( Up to 5 Persons) – Return

That was one of the best our days at Bali. They organised transport from Kuta to waterfalls. The driver was really nice. Our guide at waterfalls tour was so friendly and nice. This place is amazingly beautiful like you are watching into a postcard. Definetely will come back someday and spend several days on sliding on the waterfall :))
Smiltė Einikytė-Urbelionienė, Vilnius, Lithuania