Sambangan Medium Trekking

Sambangan Secret Garden

Exploring Sambangan by trekking can be conducted for 3 hours. It is strated from Sambangan secret garden spending 30 minutes. Along the trekking, you will see farm scenery with various trees like coffee, cacao tree, jackfruit tree, banana and many more. The trekking trip is strated from Cengana field with farm scenery 360 degree. It is famously known as secret garden.  You will get spoiled by beautiful farm and sea scenery in North Bali during a trekking trip. In your trekking trip, you will find some kinds of fruits like banana, rambutan, and some farms. Walking along the Balinese residences, it is showing all situations in surrounding environment. The aim of this trekking trip is actually showing on how to make you care to the environment and society.

If you get lucky, you will see farmer activities working like plowing rice field, planting rice, and cropping rice. You can try it all. After you walked for 45 minutes, you can visit the local house to rest to eat local fruits and interact directly to the local people.  After that, you can visit these following itineraries in Sambangan Trekking. 

Blue Lagoon

It becomes the next destination to visit. Clean and clear water make Blue Lagoon to be the right spot to relaxation and purification. By walking along the river, you can see aling aling waterfall (35 meter). This is regarded as the sacred spot for local people. You can feel spiritual sensation with the beauty of this waterfall

Kroya Waterfall

All adventurers can adventure to beat the challenges. You can start the challenge by water slide in Kroya Waterfall (12 meter). You can make waterfall cliff jumping in this waterfall and some other waterfalls like Kembar waterfall and Pucuk waterfall. This is completing your trekking trip. If you want to explore this waterfall further, we serve exclusive package to all of you. Those are the combination of medium trekking with open air grilled chicked made to get Pucuk waterfall. You can feel the sensation of enjoying grilled chicken for lunch in opened nature. This is getting more interesting than luxury restaurant that you have visited. Even, you can do the other activities like yoga, meditation, and swimming in this waterfall.

Cost : USD $ 25/ Person with minimum 2 persons

Extra Charge 60% for Single Traveler


Package Including

  • Professional Private Guide
  • Entry fee
  • Track Equipment for Jumping, & Sliding
  • Mineral water
  • Refreshment of Coconut Water
  • local fruit
  • Insurance
  • Donate to the green environment in Sambangan Village


  • 06.30-08.30  : Pick up at your hotel, depend on where are you stay in Bali, and transport directly to the starting point in Sambangan Village
  • 09.00 am      : Arrival at starting point, and make payments in the office of Bali trekking Sambangan
  • 09.15 am      : Begin trail trek to Cengana Rice field
  • 9.00 am        : Time to rest while enjoying local fruit such as cacao, coconut and others
  • 10.30 am      : Arrived at the Natural Swimming Pool Sambangan Secret Garden ( Blue Lagoon ) 
  • 11.20 am      : Arrived at the  waterfall for watersport ( Sliding & Jumping ) , Where there are three waterfalls nearby such us Kroya Waterfall, Kembar Waterfall and Pucuk Waterfall
  • 12.15 pm      : Visit  Aling Aling Waterfall
  • 13.00 pm      : Arrive at finish point


  • Long/Short pants and sport shoes
  • A change of clothes for use after trekking activities
  • Sun screen
  • Waterproof Camera

 Note :Transport is not included with above price, and below is the list for Pick Up service with private car