Aling aling waterfallOur recommendation on the Best place to visit in North Balisambangan trekking

Floating Tample – Ulun Danu Beratan Tample

Our recommendation on the Best place to visit in North Bali will definitely make your vacation all the more memorable. Bali Island has long been considered as one of the best travel destinations. This tropical country does have so much to offer regardless of which type of traveler you are. From fun night life by the beach, to cultural landmarks – there is everything for everyone.

Sambangan trekking tour

While there are endless things to do in Bali, the sheer number of options may be overwhelming to some. If you are an adventurer at heart and eager to explore other parts of Bali that many seem to overlook, you are in for a treat. Don’t just get holed up in Kuta! Pack your bags and sign yourself up for Bali Sambangan Trekking. Explore the North side of Bali and be blown away with the wonder of its nature.

Your guide will take you on a non-strenous and fun four hour long hike through the beautiful area. You may choose your trek to fit your personal fitness and preferences. It does not matter whether you choose a short or a medium trek, the incredible scenery is equally stunning! Your guide will be with you at all times, and give you helpful information and instruction.

If the view along your hike already blows your mind, prepare to be blown away! At the end of your trek, you will be rewarded with what many referred to as a paradise on earth. An incredibly breathtaking place with gorgeous waterfall and blue lagoons for you to take a dip. Yes, this Sambangan Trekking is all about connecting you with nature. Something that we may forget to appreciate amid life in the bustling city.

The majestic floating temple

Bali is the home of stunning temples, and this majestic Ulun Danu Beratan Temple is one of the finest example. This Shaivite water temple is often referred to as Bali’s hidden gem due to its location. Situated in the mountainous Bedugul area, right on the shores of Lake Bratan, this water temples are one-of-a-kind. Built in 1633, this temple holds an incredibly important role to locals.

Lake Bratan is the primary source of irrigation in the central part of Bali. Ulun Danu Beratan Temple boasts a scenic backdrop with unique reflective surface, creating its mesmerizing floating impression. Its 11-storey Pelinggih Meru dedicated to Shiva and Parvathi is where the offering ceremony for the River Goddess takes place.

Aling Aling Waterfall

Not too far from the floating temple, you will find Aling Aling Waterfall. This 35-meter waterfall offers a unique beauty with water flowing freely from the steep cliff surrounded by impressive lush greenery. With two side-by-side waterfalls flowing right into the naturally occuring basin pond, it surely takes your swimming experience to new heights.

There you may also spot numeours waterfalls in the area. Join the crowds and try doing free-jump from the top of these smaller waterfalls. There are Cemara waterfall, Dedari waterfall, Pucuk waterfall, Canging waterfall, Twin waterfall, and Kroya waterfall for you to choose from! Eager for more fun in the sun? Head over to Lovina Beach, you surely won’t be disappointed.

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