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Banyumala Waterfall | The Ultimate Place for Serene and Refreshing Bali Trip

Banyumala Waterfal

The Ultimate Place for Serene and Refreshing Bali Trip

Many people go to Bali to visit its ethereal beaches and majestic temples. While it is true that those two are the major tourist attractions here, this island of paradise actually has plenty of more beautiful places to visit. If you want to go to a refreshing and peaceful place where you can relax, you should try visiting Banyumala waterfall.

It is not a secret that Bali is bestowed with exquisite natural sceneries and this island has plenty of amazing waterfalls that will jaw your drop. If you come to Bali to enjoy its remarkable waterfalls, you need to go to Northern Bali because most of the best waterfalls in this island are there.

Banyumala Waterfall is located at the northern part of Buyan Lake in Buleleng regency. To be perfectly honest, Banyumala is not the most popular waterfall in Buleleng, let alone in Bali. But this is where its charm lies. Since not many tourists know about this place, it becomes very quiet and serene. As a result, this waterfall becomes a well-known place to do yoga since the atmosphere is perfect to gain concentration.

The Best  Natural Pool

Banyumala, the name of the waterfall is taken from two native words Banyu and Mala. Banyu means water while Mala means bad influence. Due to its name, the locals believe that taking a bath in the spring of Banyumala Waterfall can cleanse their soul from sins and bad omens. So, if you visit this waterfall, don’t be surprised to see so many people meditating here. It is safe to say that Banyumala is one of the best places for meditation due to its peaceful ambience as well as the belief that you can get rid of bad thoughts and influence when taking a bath here.

Banyumala waterfall becomes a renowned North Bali destination because it has natural pool that is extremely clean and refreshing. Since the water is very clean, you basically can see the bottom of the pool clearly. It is a natural pool with the waterfall falls directly there. It is pretty wide as well, with around 20 meters of width, it won’t be a problem to share the pool with other visitors. The pool is actually pretty deep. Its depth is around 2 meters so maybe it can be pretty challenging for you if you cannot swim. But you don’t have to worry because you can ask your friends to teach you. There is no wave in this pool so you can easily learn to swim and float by yourself. Even if you don’t want to swim, you can sit on one of the rocks and dip your feet on the pool. Along with the sound of the water falls, it will be more than enough to refresh your mind.

Make sure you prepare your energy if you want to visit this waterfall. The path leading to the main place is still in its natural state with rocks and all, and it is also pretty far from the gate. It will be exhausting but it will be worth it since you are going to visit the best waterfall in Bali



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