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The Beauty of Aling-Aling Waterfall – Sambangan Trekking

aling-aling-waterfall-sambangan-trekking-newIf you go to Bali, then visit the most unique waterfall in Bali, Aling Aling Waterfall. Aling-Aling waterfall is stated unique because it has side-by side waterfall top. The right waterfall side is bigger rather than the left one. the beauty of ALing-Aling waterfall is come from the panorama view with the steep cliff with lush trees surrounded. The height from this waterfall is about 35 meter above ground and tourist can visit to the basin pond with 9  meter depth below for swim or just play the fresh water from waterfall. If you have much time to spend in this location, then you can visit also several smaller waterfall surround this waterfall such as Cemara waterfall, Pucuk waterfall, twin waterfall, and Kroya waterfall. The waterfalls is smaller and come of this waterfall also offer free jump from waterfall top that makes tourist experience great adventure when they get to these smaller waterfalls.  The Aling-Aling waterfall is located in Sambangan village, District of Sukasada, Regency of Buleleng, Bali.

The waterfall panorama in Sambangan Trekking , the location where these beautiful waterfalls located is great tourist destination for those who love adventure and challenge. This trekking offers you with natural beauty from the waterfall itself and the sport attraction such as jumping and sliding.  For you who beginner or do not have enough physically fit, there are 3 trekking tour categories that you can involves into, the medium trek, short and long trekking route tour. The Long trek is the hardest tour with 5-6 hours duration takes places. The most visited waterfall for sports attraction of sliding and jumping is kroya waterfall, where it takes places in long and short trek. The short trek takes place about 1-2 hours duration.   The medium trek to Sambangan trekking is take duration 3-4 hour to go to spot. With the categories you are able to choose which one that suit with your stamina and physical demand.  The trekking offers you different view of scenery and village spot. You can view to rice field where farmers only use nature material for growing their rice field.


You will discover the beauty of Sambangan forest that becomes important for sambangan village and role important rule for keeping water supply to farmers. You can find unique plantations such as cacao, clove, palm sugar, and many more during your travel route to hidden waterfalls. The sports attraction of cliff Jumping in these smaller waterfall surround the Aling –aling waterfall is extreme watersport that adventurer search for challenge. When you are interested to take this extreme watersports, then you need to have basic safety guide to avoid injury when you do the jumping. The local guides that have been trained for safety while you take this sport attraction will keep you peace in mind. Enjoy the fresh water that flush to your face when you closer to this waterfall.  They are friendly, familiar with tradition and culture of Bali, and have strong commitment for responsibility to guarantee your safety during the trekking and the sports take place.







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