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Local residents in the Sambangan village

Sambangan Village, sambangan secret garden ( Bali Sambangan Trekking)


is a village located in north bali, subdistricts Sukasada district Buleleng approximately 15 minutes drive from the beach Lovina famous beach with travel dolphin , and approximately 3 hours drive from Bali to the south, the village Sambangan situated on a plateau with an altitude of 1000 m above the sea, there is a very high hill in the village Sambangan surrounding communities calling hill mortar, because of its shape resembles the mortar used as a mixing dough food, the area in the village sambagan has very fertile soil and have many sources of water, these water sources a cracked water that flows from the lake in the top of the village Sambangan, namely lake Tamblingan, with a natural resource that is owned in the village Sambangan, population about using the surplus for planting, from 8000 inhabitants in the village Sambangan, about 20 percent residents in the village Sambangan work as teachers, traders and others, while the residents work as farmers are 80 percent of the 8,000 residents in the village Sambangan kind of agriculture that was developed in the village Sambangan are rice, cloves, coffee and others, and the majority of the population in villages Sambangan plant rice, rice is the livelihood of the first residents in the village Sambangan, it makes the village Sambangan famous rice terraces is very beautiful, and the rice fields are named paddy cengana, a paddy field of 15 hectares consisting of 16 owners , with an area of rice fields are diverse



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