Canging Waterfall-Sambangan Trekking

dscn4309the best waterfall in bali canging waterfall is the third before aling aling waterfall, kroya waterfall, kembar waterfall and pucuk waterfall, if you make a package of Sambangan long trekking at balisambangantrekking.com , local people in sambangan village, Singaraja, North Bali, Lovina  call the waterfall canging because at the waterfall  there are tree roots canging very large and spread across the water, this waterfall are brought waterfall Dedari, prior to heading waterfall canging we have to pass through a wooden bridge that connects the waterfall Dedari with a waterfall canging, from waterfalls Dedari to the waterfall canging takes to walk for 10 minutes, but this time the bridge that connects the waterfall Dedari and waterfalls canging already collapsed, because no one cared, so this time you if we want to get to the waterfall canging of waterfalls Dedari, we had to walk around, past the real jungle, coffee plantations and  Tiing Tali Irigation , for 20 minutes, and if you start from the starting point you have to walk for 45 minutes to find this waterfall, this waterfall has water which is very cool and clean, and has added to 2 meters this makes this place is great for swimming we can’t jumping and sliding in this waterfall , in addition to this waterfall has a very wide area, and the people who come to waterfall not only for swimming, but at this waterfall we could do camping, with a capacity of 40 people, this waterfall is located very far away from residential areas, so that when you do camping, you will learn to blend with nature, where you can survive by utilizing the existing natural resources, such as wood, vegetables, fish and others

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