Dedari Waterfall – Sambangan Trekking

Dedari Waterfall

dedari-waterfall-sambangan-trekking-singarajaDedari Waterfall is the highest waterfall in the 7 Wonderfull waterfalls in sambangan secret garden, lovina, singaraja, north bali,  such us aling aling waterfall ( the higest waterfall in bali) , kroya waterfall ( unique waterfall, sliding and jumping in the waterfall) , kembar waterfall ( jumping in the waterfall 10 meter-amazing waterfall) , pucuk waterfall ( adrenaline adventure jumping ), canging waterfall and cemara waterfall , treatment when you see this waterfall of the future will look a little bit short, because the position of the waterfall is located on a slope of 75 degrees, the locals call this waterfall waterfall Dedari for in ancient times it was used as baths angel, and until now the locals believe that when you clean your face with water in this waterfall, it will make your face will look lebuh young, this waterfall is located below the falls fir, for reach the waterfall is needed about 45 minutes to hike, through the forest was very dense, if you do trekking in need of extra caution, because the road conditions are still natural, so the road a bit slippery and muddy, about 7 years ago in this waterfall there is a bridge that connects the waterfall Dedari and waterfalls canging made of wood, but because of age is too old and not well maintained, it makes this bridge collapsed, and did not work again, this time a population of around making small bridge made of bamboo, but the bridge was not optimal because each month local residents need to replace the bridge back,

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