cemara waterfall – sambangan secret garden

cemara wCemara Waterfall  waterfall, is the most beautiful of the seven wonderfull waterfalls aling aling waterfall, kroya waterfall, kembar waterfall, pucuk waterfall, canging waterfall, dedari waterfall the  Sambangan village (Sambangan secret garden) locals in the village Sambangan call Cemara  waterfall because there are pine trees were very large and high, to see the waterfalls we have to pass through the streets uphill consisting of five climbs, passing rice fiels  sambangan trekking -aling aling waterfall sambangan - trekking - tirta kuning in the area of the estuary, and the most challenging is that you must pass through the wilderness, to find this waterfall you have to walk for one hour, but fatigue will disappear when you already arrived at this waterfall, where the air is very cool, peaceful atmosphere, just the sound of splashing water that falls, this waterfall has a height of about 25 meters, and has a width of about 7 meters, this waterfall is great for you lover selfie , waterfalls cascading waterfall in a stream of water flowing directly from the lake Tamblingan and untouched by settlements, it makes the water in this waterfall is very clean,  For you lovers of camping, this place is a very special place, in addition to the availability of natural resources such as wood, vegetables and herbs that you can use to survive, and when you do camping, it is suggested to bring a jacket because the air temperature in the water the waterfall is very cold

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