Aling aling waterfall sambangan

Bali Sambangan TrekkingAling aling waterfallAling aling waterfall sambangan



Aling aling waterfall sambangan

aling-aling-waterfall-sambangan-trekking-newAling aling waterfall is the highest waterfall in the village Sambangan, this waterfall has a height of 32 meters, aling aling in the English language is hidden, people in this village called aling aling waterfall  because of the antiquity of this waterfall is used as a hiding place by fighters at the time of Dutch colonization because the waterfall is very difficult to find, and a lot of fighters who died in this waterfall. This makes the people around sacred this waterfall, and visitors are not allowed to swimming in this waterfall. Besides this waterfall has a depth of 10 meters and has a very strong water current that make not possible  for swimming,
But near the waterfall aling aling there are three waterfalls again, which can be use to swim is a kroya waterfall , twin waterfalls, and pucuk  waterfall, but are suggested for visitors who come to swim better to use a local guide in here, in order to ensure the security of your



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