Bali Nature and Culture Trekking Tours

Bali has been widely known as one of the hottest vacation destinations. All year around, tourists flock to the island to witness its beauty and experience its richness in both culture and culinary. While there is no shortage of tourist attractions, there is one particular spot in Bali that has not yet been widely known: the Sambangan Secret Garden.

This village is located in Buleleng, in the north of Bali. Adjacent to Lovina Beach, those who wish to make their way to Sambangan Village may easily go on a roughly 20 minutes’ bike or car ride from the beach, or for those who wish to go there straight after they have landed on Ngurah Rai airport may do so by going through a 3 hour drive. Upon finding out these tiny bits of informations, some of you may wonder why anyone would go through all the hassle and visit a place that is not even considered as one of the main attractions in Bali. Sure, staying in either Kuta, Seminyak, or Legian may be enough as there are plenty to see and experience in the greater metro area, but why not take your vacation a bit further to see the other color of Bali now that you are here?

Sambangan Secret Garden

while it largely consists of residential area, is nothing short of perfection. This idyllic little village has a beauty that cannot be beat, with miles upon miles of stunning ricefields and lush greenery, you, especially those who are often dreaming of a simple life, will be in awe and struck with jealousy all at the same time.



Quite similar to Bedugul, the fact that Sambangan Secret Garden is situated in about 1,020 meter above the sea levels giving its topographical landscape a quite distinctive landmarks and incredibly breathtaking views. Tourists may go on a Bali Sambangan trekking to wander around the village and simply bask in the beauty, enjoying the beautiful scenery and completely being immersed in nature – watching the local farmers work on their rice paddies, and exploring the village. During your exploration, you will most likely capture the magnificent sight of the Tirta Kuning temple where locals go to pray. This temple is widely known as a temple with five colors of holy water which is believed to be able to cure diseases. Not only that, Sambangan Secret Garden also has seven waterfalls that are guaranteed to take your breath away. One of the amazing waterfall in Bali is referred to as Aling Aling – with water coming out of a steep cliff about 35 meters above the ground that is surrounded by lush greenery and scenic beauty, Aling Aling Waterfall is not only a sight to behold, but it also makes for a great and fun playground. Tourists may swim, jumping in Kembar waterfall (10 m) and Pucuk Waterfall (16 m) ,  sliding in Kroya waterfall (12 m)  and relax in its natural water

Do not let the extra effort you must put in order to be able to get to Sambangan Secret Garden put you off, be adventurous and take the chance while you still can. Trust me, you will not be disappointed.

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